With the investment of a metal roof comes the importance of installing an effective ventilation system. This ventilation system needs to properly protect and optimize your new metal roof. Ridge vents are an effective method to accomplish proper attic ventilation.

Metal roofs rely on static ventilation. Static ventilation incorporates air from the outside of your home to remove the heat that builds up in the attic in warm weather, and the heat and moisture that collects during cold weather. In a properly vented attic, the hot attic air is continuously replaced by cooler air taken in from the eaves or soffits of your roof.

 Ridge vents are an effective way to achieve proper attic ventilation. Ridge vents are placed at the ridgeline of the roof. Virtually undistinguishable from the ridgeline, the ridge vent allows heated air to be constantly released from the attic space.

Proper attic ventilation is a key component of a durable metal roof. A balanced ventilation system can help maintain the long life of a metal roof and optimize energy savings. Call The Roof Duck @ 904.345.0663 to get a free estimate for your metal roofing installation and become an owner of one of the fastest growing trends in the roofing industry.


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