With a metal roofing installation, certain variables outside of the control of the metal roofing installer can occur in the process. A metal roofing installation is the completion of an entire system – from the underlayment to the metal panels. From the weather to one of the components of the metal roofing system to unforeseen occurrences, “hiccups” can and do take place in the installation process.

Weather delays are an integral part of planning a metal roofing installation. An installer must continuously monitor weather forecasts and account for their impact on the project. Weather events can and will slow the progress of an installation. Here, in Florida, home of The Roof Duck, weather can change dramatically during the day. Metal roofing installations must be completed as safely and efficiently as possible to provide protection for your residence. In the case of a weather event,  your residence should be of utmost concern. From tarping the roof to securing materials on the ground, your residence should be properly protected from the weather.

On occasion, manufacturing errors do occur regarding the metal panels or some other components of the metal roofing system. It can be missing parts or incorrect panel profile or color, and even manufacturing defects. When this happens, the customer must be informed, the concern addressed, and the project must move forward as expeditiously as possible.

Finally, comes the unforeseen variables. These variables can be the most frustrating for both the homeowner and the installer. They can come in the form of an electrical wiring “issue”, an unknown structural issue or possibly an inspection issue. When these unforeseen occurrences happen – document – document –document. The customer should be shown pictures and told how the installer will deal with the problem. A quality metal roofing contractor will address unforeseen occurrences in a professional manner and keep the customer “in the loop”.

Variables, both known and unforeseen, are an everyday part of the metal roofing business. At the Roof Duck (904.345.0663), we keep our customers aware of the progress of the metal roofing installation. Concerns are addressed quickly and solutions provided to minimize delays in the completion of your metal roofing project.

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