Are Metal Roofs Energy Efficient?

With today’s energy cost on the rise more and more homeowners are using energy efficient roofing systems. Here in Jacksonville FL and in my hometown Columbia South Carolina, it gets sweltering hot in the summer, can you imagine how hot your roof is getting if you have dark shingles? All of that heat is being absorbed into your attic and subsequently into your home and your poor AC unit is struggling to keep your home cooled. With metal roofing you can achieve solar reflectance of up to 90% which means that the heat isn’t even getting into your attic and subsequently it isn’t getting into your home.

“The Florida Solar Energy Center found that metal roofing…….saves the most energy as a result of its high reflectance and superior ability to cool quickly at night.”

 Metal roofing was reported to save Florida homeowners about 23% annually in cooling cost, compared to a dark gray asphalt shingle roof.  Taking all of the facts into consideration and not to mention the architectural beauty of metal roofing, it is the 1st choice of energy conscience homeowners considering a new roof here in Jacksonville FL. For more information about metal roofing call us here at The Roof Duck ©Watertight Roofing Systems of Jacksonville FL 904-345-0663.