“Metal roofing stands up to the forces of nature as well as or better than any type of roofing material…”


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Metal vs. Mother Nature (Hail)

Jim Austin

March 13, 2013


During a hailstorm, damage can occur to your roof. Although hail storms are destructive, the type and amount of damage can vary.

The following are different types of damage that may result from a hailstorm:

(A) Wind – wind direction and wind speed can affect the location and severity of hail impact.

(B) Size – the size and density of hailstorms can affect the degree of damage to your metal roof.

(C) Roof Material – roof materials absorb hail differently. Metal roofs are one of the most hail

       resistant materials on the market. The age and condition of a roof can also affect the degree of damage.

(D) Barriers – positioning of trees, landscaping, fences or even adjacent homes can affect the damage    

       from a hailstorm.

Metal roofs have been used extensively in severe hail areas with great success. A metal roof will resist hail just as well when it is many years old as it will when it is new. Other roofing materials, i.e. asphalt shingles, become soft or even brittle as they age, making them more susceptible to hail damage. Metal roofs provide well documented benefits to the homeowner against hail damage. Many metal roofing products have the highest impact resistance and hail rating (Class 4) granted by Underwriter’s Laboratories. In some cases, you might even be eligible for discounts on your homeowner’s insurance. 

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