Energy efficiency is a primary asset in the purchase of a metal roof for your building project. Your goal is to have your building as energy efficient and comfortable as possible. Two factors play a significant role in the energy efficiency of a building – the reflectivity and emissivity of the roofing material.

Reflectivity is the ability of a metal roof to reflect the sun’s rays away from your home or building. In fact, roofs and attic spaces are a major source of solar heat gain. Reflectivity of metal roofs is an energy efficiency bonus. Ask us @ The Roof Duck about the reflectivity potential of our metal roofing products.

Emissivity involves the amount of heat released by a material after heat is absorbed. Most metal roofs have a high emissivity rating in contrast to the standard asphalt shingle roof. This energy efficiency benefit allows heat stored to radiate away from the surface. In a study conducted by the Florida Solar Energy Center, homes with light-colored roofs spent an average of 40% less on energy consumption.

Reflectivity and emissivity are significant energy efficiency attributes of metal roofs. When considering a roof for your home or building, be sure to take these two important benefits of metal roofing into consideration.

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